Hello KBD Mania!

I have rediscovered the mechanical keyboards a year ago and I am now working on increasing my collection. 

My father used to have an IBM model M until 1996 which was my favorite thing to play with, but sadly he has thrown it away when I was 11 years old. 

Luckily, with the help of Reddit/r/mechanicalkeyboards, I discovered Geekhack, Deskthority and now, KBD Mania.  

I need you help, if you do not mind, especially the help of anyone living in Seoul!

Sadly, here in Europe, especially in Romania (where I live) the mechanical keyboards options are very limited but, I have a friend that is leaving on a trip in Korea on the 20'th of March and I have asked him to buy me a Leopold FC750R keyboard and a Leopold FC210TP numpad.

The main issue is that he is going with an organized group and they will be staying only one day and a night in Seoul and they have a tight schedule.  They will be checking at a hotel next to the Dankook University campus.

They will be staying half a day at the University and the other half a the Romanian Embassy in Seoul. I have given him the map and address to Leaderskey, but he doesn't know if he will have much time to get to the store.

Now, my question: 

Are there any places close to the Dankook University where my friend can buy a Leopold FC750R keyboard and Leopold FC210TP numpad?

Thank you very much!