Hey guys (and girls?!),

I've been looking at some stuff on Leopold.co.kr (cherry compatible keycaps mostly) for a while now and I'm really interested in buying some there. But even though they are called "International Leopold" I can't find any info in English. So I'm posting here to see if any of you can maybe help me. My main question is does Leopold actually ship internationally or just to local Koreans? If they do not ship internationally.. would any of you be willing to help me to order some keycaps?

I'm currently located in Germany and therefore would need someone who would be willing to receive the items from leopold and then ship them over to my place. Of course I would pay some extra for your effort.

I would be able to pay by PayPal or by various Korean online money forms (GT카드, 해피문화, TeenCash, etc..).

If anyone is willing to help, please let me know!