Hi guys im here to advise anyone interested in PBT spacebars to join the groupbuy on geekhack. This is not 100% guaranteed, but with enough people wanting to be a part of it, its more of a reality than a dream. Matt3o and his affiliates has done an astonishing job contacting manufacturers and gaining geekhacks support to get this project started, so lets make this happen! There will be international shipping rates to Korea, but since Im in Korea as well Ill let you know as soon as I find out. If you have intentions of purchasing please fill out the form!

Some available colors:

Black/Dark grey ~$9.50 (2 order minimum)

White/Light grey ~$9.50 (2 order minimum)

Pack of 3 colored spacebars ~$28.50 (available colors under survey, possibly from: Red, Pink, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Beige, Green, Mint/LightGreen, Blue, SkyBlue/LightBlue, Purple, Lavender, Magenta, Medium Grey)