Hi, I'm running GON's Keyboardworks that make and assemble customized keyboards.

These days some foreign members contacted me and ordered me to make GON new style Cases for them.

So I made ones for them and shipped.

If you had not known that you can contact me in English, now I will let you know you can. ;)

You can communicate in English with me, and can place an order.

The cases in http://www.kbdmania.net/xe/PR/6637900 are all made by me.

I have assembled or tuned HUNDREDS of keyboards so far.

(Almost all kinds of Korean Custom Keyboards)

Feel free to ask me at ysymidi@gmail.com.

곤방와~ ^^;

GON 공방으로 오세요~


의뢰 문의: ysymidi@gmail.com 로 이메일 부탁드려요~

블로그: http://ysymidi.blog.me