So, in an effort to get this English Board off the ground, I'm trying to think of things that can be discussed that are the same in any language. Shaving came to mind, being that I love wetshaving.

Here is a link to my wetshaving wiki over at If you ever find yourself interested in wetshaving, that site has a lot of useful info and people. Another good place is Of course, if there is anything that you might wish to ask me, I can help out too.

I learned about wetshaving in an effort to reduce ingrown hairs I suffered from while using 5 blade razors and such that are on the market these days. And it has changed my life forever. With the proper tools, preparation, and technique, shaving has become enjoyable instead of a chore with bad results.

I might be a little different than most people who are looking into this for performance results only. That's how I started, but I fell in love with double edge razors, so I started collecting them, as well as brushes and other items. I have this tendency to want to try and own everything I like.

So what about you? How do you shave? Do you like it? Have you ever thought about changing it if not? Do you already wetshave?