As a keyboard lover, the information available on this site is amazing.


However, the information available is more focused for the Korean users.

As a Korean living in Malaysia, I also have some limitations in terms of

purchasing or remodifying keyboards. But since I know Korean, I believe

my limitations are far less than other non-Koreans.


As such, livening up this board would be the first step in an effort to

reduce the limitations.


I'll try to stop by this board and write some comments every day. Just

one request for the people using this board... please write a comment

and if possible, make a simple introduction (current location, what you

want from this board... etc)







[17.08월] 노바터치 + BSP 승화  

[17.07월] 해피해킹   

[17.02월] 리얼포스 

[14.07월] KMAC LE 티탄 윈키 62g 변흑(Black) + BSP 승화

[13.03월] POKER X 갈축 + 대륙무각 

[12.12월] MX MINI 아크릴 투명 빨강 62g 변흑(Black) + 순정 투톤 이색 

[12.08월] KMAC LE 티탄 윈키리스 구흑(Black) + BSP 승화

[12.04월] KMAC LE 티탄 윈키 62g 변백(Clear) + BSP 승화

[12.02월] FILCO NINJA 텐키레스 화이트 흑축(Black) + 레오폴드  PBT


[방출 리스트]

쿨마퀴파이어 녹축, 456GT 블랙, KMAC LE 티탄 윈키리스 62g 변백,

THE CHEAT 빨빨빨 55g 변백, MX MINI 윈키리스 알루스킨 실버 59g 변흑,

MX MINI 윈키리스 알루스킨 실버 55g 변흑, 레오폴드 fc700r 블랙 갈축,

FILCO NINJA 텐키리스 블랙 청축, 제닉스 M7 LED 갈축,