I've just got my new 55g white switch keyboard in Korea a few days back when I was transitting

to Guam for a conference. Thought about leaving it at my parents house but decided to bring it

with me. I'm currently typing this with that keyboard and it's just so much fun on how just

7g of force can make the typing experience so different (was using the 62g white switch at



Also, just my experience in customized keyboards is that depending on who actually assembles

the keyboard will make a huge difference in the actual feel.


Just my two cents.....

* Hope somebody will leave a comment as I feel that I'm speaking to myself..-.-  


[17.08월] 노바터치 + BSP 승화  

[17.07월] 해피해킹   

[17.02월] 리얼포스 

[14.07월] KMAC LE 티탄 윈키 62g 변흑(Black) + BSP 승화

[13.03월] POKER X 갈축 + 대륙무각 

[12.12월] MX MINI 아크릴 투명 빨강 62g 변흑(Black) + 순정 투톤 이색 

[12.08월] KMAC LE 티탄 윈키리스 구흑(Black) + BSP 승화

[12.04월] KMAC LE 티탄 윈키 62g 변백(Clear) + BSP 승화

[12.02월] FILCO NINJA 텐키레스 화이트 흑축(Black) + 레오폴드  PBT


[방출 리스트]

쿨마퀴파이어 녹축, 456GT 블랙, KMAC LE 티탄 윈키리스 62g 변백,

THE CHEAT 빨빨빨 55g 변백, MX MINI 윈키리스 알루스킨 실버 59g 변흑,

MX MINI 윈키리스 알루스킨 실버 55g 변흑, 레오폴드 fc700r 블랙 갈축,

FILCO NINJA 텐키리스 블랙 청축, 제닉스 M7 LED 갈축,