I'm currently waiting for my new 65g spring black switch MX Mini with a transparent housing (and red in the middle).

Probably another two weeks until I get it. As for my first paypal purchase, still haven't received anything although the

USPS tracking says that it was sent on Jun.23, 2012, to Malaysia.


Some news at KBDMania.


1. Definetly the demand for blue dyesub PBT keycaps and those thick PBT keycaps directly purchased from Taobao

    are down. It's taking longer for someone to sell. Probably due to its higher costs compared to the group buy

    (about USD 20 more expensive) and people are looking for the two tone dyesub PBT keycaps(which are still

    very high on demand) 

2. New group buy for the dark grey dyesub thick PBT keycaps is under way (Until Jul.4, 2012). Roughly about

    100 sets were ordered, just about 1/4 of the original two tone group buy.

3. Lots of events this week.

    1) Auction for charity

    2) Bluetooth ear phones

    3) Other keboard related items (I didn't count all)


Hope everybody has another good week!! As for me, I'll be heading for my summer vacation in two weeks!!



[17.08월] 노바터치 + BSP 승화  

[17.07월] 해피해킹   

[17.02월] 리얼포스 

[14.07월] KMAC LE 티탄 윈키 62g 변흑(Black) + BSP 승화

[13.03월] POKER X 갈축 + 대륙무각 

[12.12월] MX MINI 아크릴 투명 빨강 62g 변흑(Black) + 순정 투톤 이색 

[12.08월] KMAC LE 티탄 윈키리스 구흑(Black) + BSP 승화

[12.04월] KMAC LE 티탄 윈키 62g 변백(Clear) + BSP 승화

[12.02월] FILCO NINJA 텐키레스 화이트 흑축(Black) + 레오폴드  PBT


[방출 리스트]

쿨마퀴파이어 녹축, 456GT 블랙, KMAC LE 티탄 윈키리스 62g 변백,

THE CHEAT 빨빨빨 55g 변백, MX MINI 윈키리스 알루스킨 실버 59g 변흑,

MX MINI 윈키리스 알루스킨 실버 55g 변흑, 레오폴드 fc700r 블랙 갈축,

FILCO NINJA 텐키리스 블랙 청축, 제닉스 M7 LED 갈축,