This is my second post in English Board. Thanks to site manager for making this board.

I thought that only few members would see this board, but I was very suprised that 1,000 or more members read articles. But there were only a couple of replies.

Though we have studied English for 10 years or more (middle school, high school, university and company), we still have problems to talk, read, write in English.

This is same to me and maybe if some guys who are English-native read this post, they would find many wrong grammars, word-misusing, and misunderstandings.(It is very helpful if anybody tell me mistakes) But it also could be occured when non-Koreans use Koreans. :)

So, what was a problem when you mistook? Did they laught at you? Did they blame you? Or did you just feel a shame yourself?

Because english is not our native language, it is very natural that we make a mistake. So, I'm writing here to try and try. I would be happy if many members write here and talk about posts.

Luckily, from the world, many people who love keyboards visit this site and write articles. Don't you think this is good opportunity?

Thanks for your reading. Have a nice day~