Summer vacation is coming ;) Many people have been waiting it because they can take a rest at home or go to the resort about 1 week.

About 20 years ago, as president had prohibited going to abroad, we - except politicians and businessmen - couldn't go outside of Korea. And around 88 Olympic games, the prohibition was removed and then anyone can travel abroad if they want.

But it is still difficult to enjoy holyday abroad because we have to take on only airplanes. Korea is similar to island such as Japan, England because three side is surrounded by sea, and one side faces North Korea. So I envy many Eorupean-peoples because they can go anywhere by car, train, airplane if they want and don't have to get visas.

Nowadays, I have enjoyed my holydays in abroad. The reason why I enjoy traveling is not as I have much money but I think the travel abroad can broaden your insight and you can get many experiences. And most of all, you can feel free to talk with foreigners.

My best travel place is San Franciso where I traveled last year. First of all, the houses and streets is very beautiful and you can see the Pacific Ocean on the hill. And there is very attractive vehicle, Cable Car (or called Street Car). I thought that cable car moves between ground and mountain. But the cable is under the streets. So, Cable Car moves on the street like buses. Maybe you could see San Francisco city scenes including cable car in many movies. And the weather is good enough to walk here and there. Needless to say, you have to see Golden Gate Bridge. If I have an another chance to visit USA, I will choose San Francisco again.

This year, I am also going to anywhere but don't have an exact plan. Where was most fantastic place in vacation? Please recommend to me~