As my past memories...
Some keyboard was used "slide"s.
It calls like isolation-type or sliding-type whatever many names.
I'm not knowing well about that kinds.
But I'm sure what I knows that kinds are really good to use in office.
In office, currently, I'm using Majestouch Japanese non-print black keyboard while 5 years.
Rubber kind coating was almost removed, still not sticky - thanks god.
And sometimes both of SHIFT keys are not working well !!!!
So I have trouble when me want to switch Korean/English/Japanese IME (Using 101key type 3 since DOS-age)

Looking for silent keyboard - not mosta membrane keyboards - that using kinda structure of ISOLATION or SLIDE.
I'm not looking for these :
 - low profile keyboard.
 - reverse-L enter keyboard.
* Sure these are ignored if found really nice keyboard :)

Do anybody knows ?
Give me a light for decision !
Show me the way for that I wanted !

Thanks, regards.