Hi Everyone, my first post here, hope you will like it : )

Windy’s ALFEEL II keyboard can be considered a crossover of Filco and Windy -  2 big names among many international DIYers.  It is in fact a Filco Majestouch keyboard inside with metal casing produced by Windy.  Its internal is just identical to that we could find inside a Filco. 


Windy has 3 different classes of ALFEEL II keyboards:

1. ALFEEL II - 15,540yen = Filco w Zero switch 108key

2. ALFEEL HG II - 20,790yen = Filco w MX Brown switch 108key

3. ALFEEL super HG II - 23,940yen = Filco w MX Brown switch 108key w NKRO


We can see the price gap between each classes is so wide, and it offers NO ANSI standard 104key layout.  However, since both Filco and ALFEEL II share the same internal, it is possible to swap their internal with each another to DIY a ANSI 104 ALFEEL II super HG, just like what has been done by this Japanese keyboard lover.  I decided to follow suit.


The upper one is Filco 104 w Cherry MX brown switch, the bottom one is Windy ALFEEL II w Zero switch. I made the AFEEL II switched to a Filco 104key keyboard, and the Filco switched to ALFEEL II.

Finally, I got an ALFEEL with standard 104key layout, MX Brown switch, NKRO,  plus a 108key Filco with Zero switch for just HK$2700, which is way cheaper than I otherwise buy an ALFEEL super HG II directly.  An ALFEEL super HG II alone costs HK$2790.


 Windy ALFEEL II with 104key ANSI layout MX brown switch, and double-shot keycaps:


Filco Majestouch with Zero switch: