I'm Daniel and I live in Romania :) Been a long time member of Geekhack and Deskthority and I have always admired the products of the Korean keyboard community.

I'm a huge fan of 60% boards, I think I have around 6 or 7 of them: HHKB Pro2, SPRiT faceW, winkeyless B.face , GH60, GON NerD60 (3 of them :)) ) and Hasu Alps64 , I also have a NIB IBM SSK and a Dolch keyboard, but 60% are my true love.

At this moment I have reached a point where I have pretty much all I wanted and really need but I'm still looking for a last piece to complete my collection.

I'm looking for a Poker T/Planar T*/플라포커 (hope is the correct name :) ) alu case, it's the best 60% case I have ever seen and it's my dream to get my hands on one. So if anyone has a clue where I can find one it would be so cool :)

The board I'm typing on right now is a [CTR]ALT Edition GON NerD60 with PCB mounted MX Red switches, Dolch and Purple GMK caps , rainbow LED's and gold plated stab wires.



For this board I want to get the best case ever made :)

If I have some spare time I will post also the rest of my collection, it's not impressing but these are boards I enjoy a lot typing on and each of them has a little story, so I love them.