For some time now I have been planning and wishing to get my hands on a Leopold FC750R and I have looked at way to many pictures with this keyboard.

Today, with the involuntary help of the GeekHack user intelli78, I have noticed that Leopold has used multiple plates / spacebar stabilizer spacing on the FC750R keyboards:

This is the image I took from a reddit/r/mechanicalkeyboards post, made 9 months ago:

Zoom in (real dimensions: 3110 x 2073)Image

There is also this image made almost a year ago on a GeekHack topic, which shows the same stabilizer spacing:

Zoom in (real dimensions: 960 x 720)Image

While asking a question on GeekHack regarding stabilizer spacing on GMK spacebars, intelli78 replied that FC750R keyboards have a standard spacing and showed me this image, made by the GeekHack user The1oneWolf:

Zoom in (real dimensions: 3264 x 2448)Image

As you can see, the spacebar stabilizer spacing is different in the image from The1oneWolf, unlike the other 2 older images.

Also, if you look carefully, you can see, through the plate cutout under the spacebar, that even the PCB is different:

On The1oneWolf's keyboard, the name of the keyboard is marked on the PCB:

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1034 x 257)Image

In the older images the PCB doesn't have these markings. Also, GMK and IMSTO spacebars will not work with this stabilizer spacing:


Could it be that Leopold has made changes between the different batches of the FC750R keyboards? Also, did they decide to rename the new ones with wider spacebar stabilizer spacing and different PCB, and call it FC750RT instead of FC750R??
What do you guys and girls think?

Do any of you have any contacts at Leopold to ask them this and how can we buy the keyboard with the stabilizer spacing we want? For example, I want the one with the wider spacing on the spacebar stabilizers as I will use GMK keycap sets.

I also made a topic on GH, if you're interested: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=70254.0
and on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeybo ... nt_plates/